Giftbox with Brownies and a Bottled Cocktail


**Each gift box comes with a 16-piece box of brownies and a 100ml bottle of an alcoholic cocktail**


Rich, chocolatey, moist and fudgey brownies, exactly the way brownies are meant to be, paired with well-balanced and beautifully crafted cocktails.

Each brownie box has 4 flavours and a total of 16 bite-sized pieces, each piece roughly a 3cm square.

Choose from –

The Nutty Box: Macadamia | Nutella | Peanut Butter | Salted Caramel

The Non-Nutty Box : Triple Chocolate | Oreos | Biscoff | Salted Caramel

Salted Dark Chocolate Box



Red Blossom:

Gin-based cocktail made with honey and tea that has been seeped in red dates and osmanthus for that perfect balance.

Shake well and serve chilled.

Gin | Sweet Vermouth | Honey | Red Dates | Osmanthus



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